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Never Be Afraid To Ask Campaign

never be afraid to ask

This isn’t a recipe, but a shout out to a cause that’s very close to my heart. I’m backing a new initiative, set up by some good friends of mine, all of whom are fellow Wolves fans.

Taken from their website, this explains what inspired them to set the campaign up;

“A Twitter conversation between Dean Jones (@deanojjones) and Andy Round (@DownunderWolf) suddenly became the inspiration for the “Never Be Afraid To Ask!” campaign.

The two friends had been commenting on how they had been very grateful to the support they had given each other over the past few months. Dean made the observation that he has also sent Tweets or Direct messages (DM’) to a few other fellow Twitterers who had signalled they were in need of some emotional support.

We all know men aren’t very good at expressing their feelings and reaching out for help. As Andy rightly said “There’s a lot of people in need of help, but the stigma attached to asking for it is a load of crap. Man up and all that? No, the manly thing is to cry and ask for help!”

This struck a chord with the 2 friends and they were suddenly thinking of ways that fellow users of Twitter could reach out to others.

Given the use of emoji’s in Twitterland, it wasn’t too difficult to find two symbols that people could use to show they needed someone to talk to, or that they were there for others so they could be contacted.

And that, as they say, was that “Never Be Afraid to Ask!” was up and running.

If you are, or you know someone who needs to talk, please send them the link to this website and encourage them to add the “I need to talk” emoji to their Twitter name or include it somewhere in their bio.

Let’s make sure no one ever feels alone and has no one to talk to.”

Andy is now raising funds to support the campaign, embarking on some endurance running events. I am creating some high energy snacks for him to fuel his needs as he trains and embarks on these gruelling challenges. I’m delighted to endorse his efforts and support all that the guys are doing, especially as I am affected by so many different mental health issues myself.

You can find out more about the campaign at and support Andy at

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